How to Fix Roblox error code 267

How to Fix Roblox error code 267

It's frustrating for gamer while playing favorite games on Roblox. The adrenaline is just at its peak, and this error shows up:

DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267]

It means that you cannot play games on Roblox Platform. The Roblox platform abandons you.

Don't worry. It's a temporary issue. There are very easy steps to eliminate this error. 

Before that, let's know Why is this error pops up? 

Roblox is a well-known gaming platform. One of the reasons that it is famous is that it allows the user to create games and play games created by others. This error comes up due to invalid insertion in the code script. When there is any alteration performed on the code of game by developer, the server senses it illegal. That's why it shows an error.


Another reason is related to the local network and game programming.


1. Windows firewall and internet connection: Roblox is a large platform. It requires a stable internet connection. When the internet connection becomes unstable, the windows firewall couldn't work correctly, and hence, this error reflects. Moreover, when the internet speed is slow, it will take more time to load this program, and if loading time exceeds, Error Code 267 rises.

2. Blank Game: When you are playing any game, and the game data is lost, or the game is blank, then also you will be kicked out of the game.

There are several ways to resolve Error Code 267. Follows the mentioned steps: 

1. Use Trusted and Updated version of the browser: 

Use google chrome as your default web browser to play this game. Because it is a well-programmed and secured web browser. 

Download the latest updated version of chrome and then play games on Roblox.

2. Reset settings in browser: 

Open Chrome settings and reset the browser settings (Copy-paste chrome://settings/reset into the URL bar or click on the three dots next to your profile picture and click on settings and scroll down to Reset option.)  

Also, clear caches from the browser settings. You can easily find a clear cache option in the settings menu.

3. Check Internet Connection: 

Error code 267 statement includes the word "Disconnected" means you have poor internet connection or you lost internet connection. It's advisable to play on Roblox by using an ethernet connection for the internet. However, if you are using a wireless connection, check the connectivity and restart the Wi-Fi router. Then connect the computer to launch Roblox.

4. Disable Ad-Blocker:

Although Ad-Blockers are imperative for surfing, it may deter the functioning of some sites, including Roblox. So, when you are playing, turnoff the Ad-blocker from your browser.

5. Reinstall Roblox:

If you have tried the steps as mentioned above and still face the same issue, this step will resolve it. Uninstall the Roblox and then Install it again. It will take some time but surely fix this error.


Errors while gaming is typical and annoying both. But it is very easy to resolve a few like error code 267. Write a comment about other irritating errors you face.